ICRA 2016 Workshop on State Estimation and Terrain Perception for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Enabling mobile robots to move in unknown environments requires them to have an understanding of the surrounding and their location within. This is especially important for unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) such as legged robots, tracked and wheeled vehicles. These systems rely on the interaction with the terrain for traction, while avoiding collision, slippage, and instabilities. Therefore, an accurate terrain representation and precise pose estimation is crucial for the successful deployment of these robots. This workshop brings together people from the fields of state estimation and terrain perception for UGVs to exchange ideas and foster collaboration. Special attention is set on the challenges resulting from combining methods from both state estimation and terrain perception. The discussed topics will include the processing of exteroceptive sensor data (Vision, RGB-D, LiDAR, Time-of-Flight), the representation and interpretation of environments, and the consistent formulation of state estimation algorithms. During the discussions we will also address the practical problems related to the integration on real robots where uncertain, corrupted and missing data have to be handled. The full-day workshop consists of a mixture of presentations and a poster session to encourage the participation of both young and experienced researchers.

The key topics of interest for this workshop are: